What song could you have on repeat for 20 minutes and either a)not even notice or b)still be jamming to it the same amount as the first time it played

The Velvet Room theme has always proven to be that song, although to be honest, there’s a lot of music that works like that for me! I can listen to music on repeat for ever.

Good extra mention is the theme from the Propeller Knight stage in Shovel Knight. I could jam to that song forever.

Are you a Senpai or a Kouhai? Or maybe both?

Every being is born into this world with the potential to be both a Senpai and a Kouhai… life has many paths, and unlike my butt size, it is changeable

The important truth is that we must respect one another, whether we are Kouhai or Senpai, whether we have big butts or small.

what's an average day in the life of someone tragically born without a butt

Not quite as bodacious as yours :(

I guess it’s a plus that I can wear incredibly tight pants and hear people on the streets comment about how incredibly non-existent my ass is— or how long my legs look since there’s nothing above them.

Biggest kink?

Well I was just talking about cocks in regards to poultryplay if that’s any indication…

I think if I was to pick one seriously it would be noise or vocal things such as breathing. Audio is one of my favorite things~

psssssst. i'm going to cosplay akihiko, but the one part i'm having trouble on is the gloves and the scars, how did you manage to do those?

I didn’t respond to this right away! Sorry sorry!

So for P4 Arena Akihiko I know there are a lot of ways to go. I’ve never actually gotten asked about the gloves and the scar make up before!I’ll do my best to give you a good answer here.

(What make up, they’re totally real, man)


The gloves are barely held together at this point, I’ve been meaning to replace the inner glove at least. They were made from a variety of firm plastic/foam chunks and sewed into a glove that was then painted red with ruby red fabric paint. Specifically the knuckles were separated by a really thick needle and thread. For how impossible it sounds to force something like that and get it straight (it was quite thick!) Pulse did a great job! Basically all the pieces of the gloves came from her.

Finally, I hot glued Velcro strips to either end of the ring bits, when ever I put them on you just pull it around your wrists. I REALLY recommend sewing the velcro on though, since I have problems with it wearing off over time.

If you didn’t want to go to that much trouble to make these gloves (there are definitely easier ways) something I’ve considered is buying MMA fingerless sparring gloves and ripping of the label, but so far I haven’t found any that I think match better. Let me know if you have better luck!



For the make up I don’t have a specifically great picture, I think they change every time. Just remember it’s always starts at the top left of the chest and ends at the bottom right. The very first time I wore Aki we used a Collodion solution to make the scars have more of an imprint on my chest. However I feel as though it was hard for it to stay on the whole day what with all the moving around. As of recent I’ve been content with simply having the scars drawn on (almost always by someone else!) with different make up pencils and then blended to my chest until it looked convincing enough. The same applies to all the other scars, but I’d focus on the big bear scar first and for sure.

Long winded answer, but I hoped that helped! As you may have noticed, a lot of the stuff I mentioned was all very shakily put together and sort of just one of those "does it look right? —okay" things, which I believe is how a lot of cosplayers think! If you want to know any of the other specifics, feel free to message me again on or off anon!

Oh! Or you could check with Retro

TMI Tuesday??




Yeah, me too…

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